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How to Use "Nail Kukan"
1.Please chose your favorite Nailist on this site.
2.Call to (or Mail to )the Nailist and make a reservation.
3.Please come our nail salon "Nail Kukan" at Omotesando in Tokyo

nailist:Kikuko Asagami

【salon name】
Avidasari Nails

Kikuko Asagami

【public relations】
80% my custmer are foreigners at this moment.
I'm always looking for something interesting nail art job.
I can join session, photoshooting, etc as well.
Especially I'm good at painting design. Please check my art works!
my art works →

instagram →

nail competition results
in 2016
nailpro Ibd Las Vegas (US)
・1st place at soak off gel art division
・3rd place at soak off aprecation division
・2nd place at handppaint veteran division
nailpro Ibd Las Vegas (US)
・1st place at soak off gel art division
nailpro Isse Long beach (US)
・3rd place at hand painted novice division
in 2014
ina nail competition (Japan)
・Grand chanpion at gel art division
so many tittles

graduated Univercity of arts.
My hobby is my cat, traveling, riding a horse.
I lived in Ireland for a year.
here is my intervew →

< soak off gel>
clear gel 4000yen
solidcolor, gradation 200yen(per finger)
french 300yen(per finger)
< removal> ※Don't accept only removal request
soak off gel 300yen(per finger)
etc...you can check my website.

【Schedule】Please ask
Please send these information for your appointment.
1. Name
2. phone number
3. Mail address
4. Appointments day and time
5. Need removal or not
6. Which kind of service do you need?

nail artist Kikuko Asagami

********** Avidasari Nails*********
mail : avidasarinails@gmail.com
web : http://www5.hp-ez.com/hp/nailart/page1

nailist:Yuko Watanabe

Hi ,I can speak English only a little bit;))
My service is available privately at home, office, bridal nails and also available to book for events/parties too.
I am a freelance Nail artist, who is taking advantage of experiences in both Tokyo and London.
Please do not hesitate to ask for any information.

2006 Graduated from (Nails unique) Nail School, then worked at the nail salon in Ohmiya city, Saitama, Japan
2008 Worked as a manager at the nail salon in Ikebukuro and Sinjuku in Tokyo.
2012 Moved to London, UK. Started to work as a freelance Nail Artist
2015 Moved back in Japan, opened her own salon ‘Nail Studio Zwolf’ in Saitama, Japan.

I from Tochigi of Japan I'm interested in hot yoga,do it for around 2years:)
My hobby is to listen to music.i like house/techno music.sometimes go to the night club,then enjoy having a drink with friend!

★Gel nails★
full set/5000~

full set/8000~

★Basic care★

Please contact me;))



I`m an English-speaking nail technician,YUKA!
I studied chromatics,so I`m good at choosing colors which match with your skin tone. I also like cool and stylish nail designs.

I do consultation before starting to know your nail type,your lifestyle and your needs, so I can give you best performance.
It`s very important for me to create long-lasting nails and keep them healthy,less damage as well as satisfy clients!!

I want to add colors to your daily life.
Visit me to get your nails done to keep your great memories in Japan!!

I`m looking forward to seeing you!!

I`ve been doing nails for about 14 years and have experience working at salons in Roppongi,Ebisu and London.
I also hold licenses for New York Nail Specialty,CalGel educator and Japanese nail qualifications.

I was born in Tokyo and grew up in Chiba.
I`ve lived in New York and London for 5 years in total,studying nail and makeup and working.
I love traveling,going out with friends and enjoy yoga and salsa!

nail care (shape,cuticle work,massage,buffing) \3780 45min

CalGel / BioGel
single color \7560 90min
glitter gradation \5940 90min
color gradation/french \8640 90min
marble,border designs \9180~ 120min~

nail repair \432~\648
gel extension \648 for one nail
gel removal soft gel \108 / hard gel \324 for one nail

foot care \4860 70min
special foot care (include hard skin removal) \6480 90min

CalGel / BioGel
single color \8100 90min
glitter gradation \8100 90min
designs \9720~ 120min~

Open Wed,Thu,Sat,Sun 9am to 10pm

by appointment only!!

let me know...
●your name
●your phone number
●the date and time
●menu (ex.gel for hands/feet,needs extensions)

accept cash only
Please make sure how long your treatment takes when you book the appointment!

nailist:Kiyoko Noji

【salon name】
Makailani Nail Salon

Kiyoko Noji

【public relations】
Do you feel that you want to get your nails done in Japan but worried that you
wouldn't able to communicate your wants and needs?
No worries! I studied for 3 years at high school in Massachusetts.
I also worked in an American military hotel for 6 years so I'm confident that you
will be satisfied!

1998 Graduated Longleage nail college
Receptionist at the dental clinic in Shinjyuku
Secretary of the project team at an IT company

Ring a bell nail salon, shibuya Tokyo
Technical instructor and manicurist.

Total beauty care salon in the Hotel, Hiroo Tokyo
Tokyo area manager of nail department.

Makailani Nail salon&school, Ebisu Tokyo
Independent and run a nail salon and school

Temple University Japan

Wilbraham and Monson Academy

Beauty operator license in State of Hawaii

I was born in Tokyo Japan and lived in Massachusetts for 3 years.
I had my own salon at Ebisu Tokyo.
I currently work as a freelance manicurist in Omotesando Aoyama.
I like traveling around the world. I enjoy snowboarding and shopping.

Gel nail full set: \5,000~
Pedicure: \6,000~
Quick foot gel: \6,500~
Acrylic nail full set: \8,000~
Gel removal: \1,000~

Appointment required. Please send your request to the below e-mail address.

Working hours and days
Tuesday,Thursday, and Sunday


【salon name】
Nailsalon Allume


【public relations】
Making my customers feel comfortable is of high priority.
Before I begin working on your nails, I briefly interview you on the conditions of your nails.
I am conscious of my customers' needs so I will spend some time discussing what you want to have done on your nails.
Please relax and enjoy the experience of having your nails done by me.

I am an experienced nail artist since 2003.
I worked at a nail salon as a team leader in Japan.
And I have worked at nail salons in Sydney and Vancouver as well.
A level one nail technician certificate
Biojel/Caljel certificate

I am from Tokyo.
I like watching movies.

Manicure (file,buff,cuticle,color)\4500
Pedicure (file,buff,cuticle,color)\5000
Jel nail
Clear Jel \4500
color Jel \6500
Glitter/color gradation \6500
French \7000


Open 7days a week
irregular holiday


Hello!My name is YUMI
I'm Japanese nail technician.
I have seven years high experience in nail art design.I am good at freehand drawing art ,gel nail and acrylic sculpture.
To make a reservation, please contact me.▽▽
Please send me
Phone number:
Preferred schedule:
What types of nail art and designed would you be interested in particular.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Nail art and beauty are everything to me !
"simple is the best"
"In Order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.(Coco Chanel)"

JNA nail technician license.
Beautician nation qualification.
Color official approval.etc...
・academic background
graduated from
-Nail specialist training school (2010), Japanese beauty technical school(2008), language school in LA(2016).
・work history
worked at
nail salon in Tokyo(2010~2013),open private salon in Tokyo and Nagano(2013),nail salon in Los angeles(2014~2016).

I'm from Nagano I love Yoga and shopping

- Nail -
*Healthy Gel
One color
one color or one glitter $30
Simple Art (French, Hologram or Color Gradation) $45 Option Fill Clear Color clear fill $15 Fill Same Color same color $20 Fill One Color Change (Within 3weeks) color change (for one color) $30 Fill Simple Art (Within 3weeks) color change (for simple art) $35 *Acrylic One color one color or one glitter $50 Hologram or Color Gradation $55 French $65 Skeleton design $10~/Nail Monthly Special aaTy NAIL monthly recommendation $90 Option Gel clear coat $5 Fill Clear Color clear fill $20 Fill Same Color same color $25 *Removal Gel removal $5 Acrylic removal $10 Repair $2/Nail *Discount Children Discount 20% off¬
Birthday Discount 10% off
during your birthday calendar month
Simple Additional Price
*10min Massage add on $10

ask me ♪

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